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Senad discovered five clandestine clues in the Chaco

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Senad discovered five clandestine clues in the Chaco

Senad Special Agents and prosecutors Elva Cáceres and Osmar Segovia, in the company of the FTC, carried out raids on 5 clandestine tracks that would be linked to the international cocaine trafficking organization led by Miguel Ángel Servín and related to Cristian Cesar Turrini Ayala and Ricardo Ariel Aquino, among others.

In fact, Senad revealed that the procedures were carried out in pursuit of Operation Belia, which follows the organization of Miguel Ángel Servín, alias Celular, who is being held in the Emboscada prison.

According to the institution’s investigations, the criminal organization led by Miguel Ángel Servín Palacios, alias “Celular”, used these points as the way to enter the national territory for large shipments of cocaine through illicit flights, using aircraft from areas of production of the region such as Peru, Colombia and Bolivia.

These aircraft first landed on the clandestine runways located in the raided areas, places where illegal substances were unloaded or stored, which were later transferred in small and large vehicles to the coal deposits located in the Department area. Central, linked to Cristian Cesar Turrini Ayala and Ricardo Ariel Aquino.

In these places, the cocaine was placed in bags of charcoal and later placed in containers to be transferred to different ports for export to the European market through international trade operations.

The Senad report indicates that the configuration of the international traffic of the association led by Miguel Servín was carried out through the main articulator Cristian Turrini, in complicity with Alberto Antonio Ayala Jacquet and Andres Mauricio Fernández Acevedo, who through the companies Tres A , Carbosur and Quattro A carried out the relevant documentation for export to European companies.

The criminal organization in the export documentation consigned a final destination of the LICIT cargo (Israel – Portugal) but the organization’s mode of operation indicated that the illicit cargo would be unloaded at the port of call in Antwerp, Belgium.

In Operation Belia, a drug network is being investigated that would be led by Miguel Ángel Servín Palacios, alias Celular, arrested in October 2021. He is identified as the owner of the 2,331 kilos of cocaine hidden in Big Bags, loaded with charcoal, which were supposed to arrive in Portugal from the Port Terport of Villeta.

According to data from the Public Ministry, Miguel Servín supposedly provided money obtained from drug trafficking for the creation of various activities and maneuvers that had the objective of “laundering” legal money, thus disguising its true origin and constituting, at the same time, fictitious companies.

For this purpose, it promoted activities such as the constitution of fictitious companies, investments and acquisition of goods.

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