Senacsa's controversial call for tenders

Senacsa’s controversial call for tenders

The National Service of Quality and Animal Health (Senacsa) contracted a cleaning service for G. 1,112 million. The publication was made on October 6.

A total of 10 signatures were submitted to the call. But those awarded were only two; Cevima SA and Mimbi SA The first for G. 254 million and the other for G. 858 million.

Some complaints about this call arrived in our midst. Considering that Senacsa has its cleaners and maintenance people. They are around 30 people, but, in the same way, the public entity hires for the service.

José Carlos Martin, president of Senacsa, gave his version of the call, reported that for several years they have been conducting the same tender in guard and cleaning services with guards and cleaners as officials.

This is due to the fact that several have retired, others have been categorized and fulfill administrative functions and some are even as assistants in cold stores and checkpoints.

“You can see my personnel annex, I started three years ago with 1,563 employees and today I have 1,435 on the payroll,” he reported. He pointed out that it is public knowledge that the square meters at the central level have almost doubled. And that his new, recently opened lab needs three cleaners.

The head of the public entity pointed out that the contract will be for 18 months and hiring a person in this way costs Senacsa around G. 3 million per month. While, hiring it directly ends up costing G. 3.6 million on a monthly basis.

“Hiring a person through a tender costs me G. 3 million per month more or less. Appointing an official, overtime, medical insurance, minimum salary I get G. 3,600,000 ”, he reported.

In total, the public entity will hire around 20 officials who will be distributed by five in the four general directorates.

Senacsa awarded for a total value of G. 1,790 million to the call for tender number 399,451 called “Acquisition of Computer Equipment”.
For this tender, offers began to be received on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

In the tender that is within the category; “Computer, office, educational, printing, communication and signaling equipment, accessories and programs”.

Six companies were benefited. The procedure implemented to carry out the call for bids was National Public Bidding.

This was one of the most important tenders of the public entity during the last month.

José Carlos Martin, head of Senacsa.

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