Seismic silence in southern Peru is a danger, says seismologist

Seismic silence in southern Peru is a danger, says seismologist

Seismologist Víctor Aguilar Puruhuaya announced that a eight degrees between and Antofagasta (Chile), an area that has 140 years of when the normal is 100 years.

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Energy accumulates in that area, usually there is the precursor of 10 months before and after a large eight magnitude earthquake. According to the analysis, it will be in the south, it has not happened for 145 years when the normal is that it will be in 100 years”, he pointed.

The specialist pointed out that Arequipa is in a highly seismic area and the residents cannot lower their arms because an earthquake in Ilo could reach Arequipa and would be detrimental in places where landfill invasions have been registered.

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Even the Historic Center of the city would be affected by the precariousness of the mansions.

We are in a highly seismic place and even more so if they have built houses without prior soil study. The Historic Center area is also a red sector because the structures remain over time and can collapse“, he pointed.


However, Aguilar reported that there is Earthquake Detector application for cell phones that residents can download free of charge, which by keeping it still in a safe place in the home will detect an earthquake seconds in advance and would be the difference between life and death.

The application was created in 2015 by Francisco Frinasi from Italy, it was very useful in countries like Chile, Argentina, Japan, United States, among others.

Installing the application does not generate an additional cost, but it can save lives. With the earthquake expected in the south of the country, the city of Arequipa may be affected with an intensity of five or six degrees.

“In the Arequipa region, earthquakes occur in an average of 100 years because 14 main plates that are in constant motion and move four centimetersAguilar announced.

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