See if you are a beneficiary of extraordinary subsidies and how they will be paid

See if you are a beneficiary of extraordinary subsidies and how they will be paid

As of last Wednesday, December 7, the round of extraordinary transfers of subsidies began, delivered by the Government to Colombians in a situation of vulnerability.

(On Wednesday extraordinary turns in government subsidies start).

People who apply and meet the requirements for these benefits will receive $500,000 under the programs Solidarity Income, Families in Action and Youth in Action.

It is estimated that these subsidies reach some 2 million households in a situation of extreme poverty and, for the most part, headed by women.

The Government provided $400,000 million to guarantee this extraordinary transferwhich will extend until the last week of the month in a staggered and differential manner.

In the case of Solidarity Income, 340,000 households were included, in addition to the 1.2 million families that are already beneficiaries.

We tell you how to find out if you are a beneficiary of any of the programs, where to claim it and how it will work.

To check if you are a beneficiary of the program, you must register on the program page. Here we tell you how to do it:

1. Enter solidary

2. Click the button “Check in” located at the top right of the page.

3. In the Digital Citizen Authentication service, log in with your ID number if you are already registered or go to “Sign up here”.

4. in the “Type of access”select “Registration with identity document” and continue with the process.

5. Once you are registered, enter the program page again and log in (steps 1, 2 and 3).

6. Upon entering the system, a window will appear with the information of the registered user. Check the data and close the window.

7. Click on the button “Consult drafts and beneficiaries”. Finally, a window will appear with the information related to your household (if you are a beneficiary, household status, etc.).

(Solidary income: who will receive the $500,000 subsidy?).

Payments are made through bank account. For beneficiaries who have a savings account with a financial institution, payments are deposited therein. In addition, it will notify you of the payment via text message.

If you do not have a bank account, the subsidy is delivered by money order through the payment operators established for this purpose. The collection process is free and any additional collection must be reported to Prosperidad Social.

The delivery of this subsidy is made through Movii and SuperSpins.

The benefit is delivered to families in situations of poverty and extreme poverty, with children and adolescents under 18 years of age, who meet the targeting criteria defined by the program.

The coverage of the program includes all the departments, municipalities, districts and departmental corregimientos of the country.

For the indigenous population, the program covers the country’s indigenous reservations and councils, recognized by the Ministry of the Interior, after a consultation process, between the recognized traditional indigenous authorities, the respective mayors’ offices or governorships, and Social Prosperity.

By criteria of territorial equity, Familias en Acción has a classification of municipalities into four groups that allows differentiating the actions in the territory, according to the degree of urbanization and multidimensional poverty.

To receive this subsidy, those interested must have enrolled in the program.
Fulfilling the following prerequisites:

-Be between 14 and 28 years old

– Being a bachelor of vocational media (11)

– Not having a professional university degree

– Being included in at least one of the population targeting bases of the program that certify their situation of vulnerability or poverty: ICBF census lists, indigenous or current Sisbén.

(More actions to reduce poverty, the request of experts to the Government).

The incentives are transferred according to the dates established in the annual schedule.


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