Secretary of the National Agreement: "Pedro Castillo told us his desire for a broad-based cabinet"

Secretary of the National Agreement: “Pedro Castillo told us his desire for a broad-based cabinet”

The secretary general of the National Agreement, assured that the president He expressed his willingness to convene a “broad-based” Cabinet of Ministers that does not respond to quotas of power, in addition to his intention to appoint competent officials to public office.

In statements to RPP, Hernández said that this was what the president told them during the private conversation they held last Thursday at the Government Palace, when the possibility of calling the National Agreement, an instance that brings together all the powers, was also discussed. of the State.

“(The National Agreement) could be the space in which the president affirms what he told us in a private conversation: his desire to really appoint a very broad-based cabinet and, secondly, to appoint the officials with the greatest competence, probity and suitability for State positions”, he detailed.

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Max Hernández said that Pedro Castillo is looking for a Cabinet with a broad base. (PRP)

Max Hernández, along with Cardinal Pedro Barreto, participated in the meeting with the head of state on Holy Thursday, after which Barreto assured that the president said that he had planned to make a “radical change” in his administration.

“I did get a positive impression that the president has seriously understood the seriousness of the moment and that this is not a matter of cosmetic changes, it is not a matter of governing for and by a party, but of governing for Peru”said the representative of the National Agreement.

Hernández highlighted the need for a “really representative and broad-based” cabinet instead of a “quota” cabinet, when there is a situation in which there is no trust in the institutions.

“Few people trust the Executive, few people trust Congress”evaluated to reiterate that the National Agreement will allow solutions to be proposed in the midst of the current precariousness of these institutions.

Max Hernández said that there is no defined date to convene the National Agreement, but he commented that it should be after the week of representation in Congress scheduled for the next few days.


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