Secondary extends accompaniment to educational trajectories with 10,000 teaching hours

Secondary extends accompaniment to educational trajectories with 10,000 teaching hours

The director of Secondary Education of the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP), Jenifer Cherro, estimated that this year more than 10,000 teaching hours will be allocated to strengthen the students’ learning process. About 7,000 will be for tutorials and 3,000, for permanence in the center, for pedagogical support. In addition, she reported that the next election will be virtual throughout the country.

The head of the General Directorate of Secondary Education, Jenifer Cherro, recalled that the implementation of the project to support educational trajectories began in 2021, with a total of 7,000 hours provided, and that this year it is projected to reach a similar amount of tutoring . “We achieved universalization,” she said.

Likewise, some 3,000 hours of permanence were granted for pedagogical accompaniment in full-time and extended high schools, which totals some 10,000 hours assigned between both modalities.

About this line of work, the director reported that a model project was delivered to all the centers and that the high schools made a diagnosis to start the tutorials with contextualized projects, that is, with a focus on the students’ deficit.

The interviewee considered that this initiative is a necessary investment and a tool to retain students in the system. In addition, she announced that the adoption of new pedagogical devices was favorable and that the figures, despite the pandemic, have improved. These data will be released soon in the Liceal Educational Monitor.

Election of teaching hours will be in virtual mode throughout the country

In another order, Cherro explained that, as of November 2021, a virtual hours election system was established. For this, all the institutes of the country were consulted. Some 13 departments decided to incorporate this option and the first practice of its kind was developed.

He also stressed that the instance was successful and that it was implemented exclusively with officials of the agency. He added that this year the election of hours will be virtual throughout the country, “It has proven to be a highly positive experience,” he valued.

Increase in inspectors

The hierarch also expressed that the deficit of inspectors is being reversed and reported that, in the first instance, a hierarchy of effective officials was established. Second, a general teacher inspector was appointed and two general sub-inspections were created: one to monitor institutes and high schools, the other for subjects.

In addition, the General Directorate of Secondary Education appointed 15 inspectors for institutes and high schools, as well as 24 for subjects, and 10 more officials of this type will be added for different subjects.

In this context, Cherro specified that the expenditure corresponding to these appointments was made with their own resources, which meant an optimization of spending, and will result in an improvement in the attention to the centers. “We have to work collaboratively and united,” he noted.

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