Sebastián Da Silva criticized the Conaprole union: "Full-bellied unionists earning six-figure salaries"

By the way, the senator of the Republic, Sebastián Da Silva, expressed himself in the last hours. From his Twitter account, the legislator stated that “social condemnation of the Conaprole union must be promoted” and shared a report from Maldonado’s Once channel where he is seen harshly criticizing the union in the framework of a meeting of National Party groups held in Rock. “You have to be in the shoes of the tambero,” said Da Silva, recalling the large number of concerns that producers have gone through in recent months. “Spending the reserves for the winter, taking out loans every day so that later unionists with full bellies come who earn six-figure salaries to stop a company just because an official, instead of working at one counter, has to work at another,” said the senator.

He then referred to the consequences that the union’s measures may have on production.”Where these unionists with full bellies who earn six-figure salaries are stopping the Rodríguez plant for two more days Not only is milk going to be thrown into the dairy, but a batch of raw material is going to rot at the Rodríguez plant“. “What you have to do is declare war on that union, moral war, the war of the working people, the war of the people who make an effort; because they have no authority to bring the dairymen who have suffered to their knees. the worst drought in the last 100 years.

One of those who shared Da Silva’s message was the former Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, Carlos María Uriarte, adding: “IMMORAL ABUSE AND IRRESPONSIBLE DAMAGE, is what the union of dairy industry workers is doing with producers They must be protected from this outrage.”

In addition, the senator shared a video in which they see the long lines of trucks waiting to deliver their produce and wrote: “Villa Rodríguez today. Inside those tanks is the effort of the tambera family. In those trucks there are workers who the Conaprole union laughs at, leaving them hours without being able to unload.”

The conflict that has already extended for several weeksby which AOEC has applied union measures since Tuesday of last week (work to regulation and stoppages in shifts), It is motivated by an investment of US$ 4.5 million that Conaprole made in a new ultra-pasteurized dairy packaging machine and the way to operate it, a technology that began operating in January of this year at the Rodríguez plant in San José. The union accused the company of “impose new forms of work that do not agree with the historical agreements between AOEC and Conaprole on new technologies”.

For its part, the general management of Conaprole issued an internal statement in which it described the conflict as “irrational and unfounded”.

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