Search continues for the body of a dismembered doctor in Carabobo

Search continues for the body of a dismembered doctor in Carabobo

The security forces of the Carabobo state resumed this Monday, the search for the remaining parts of the body of Dr. Nardy Moraraped, murdered and dismembered, last week at the “Rafael Guerra Méndez” Educational Unit, located in the Santa Rosa parish of the Valencia municipality.

Officials attached to the Integrated System of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Carabobo affirmed that due to the rise of the Cabriales River, as a result of heavy rainfall this Sunday, the search was temporarily suspended this weekend. However, on the morning of this Monday the work was resumed, without obtaining results.

Between the night of Friday and Saturday, the security forces managed to find the whereabouts of the 46-year-old doctor’s extremities, in the river, wrapped in a bag of perrarina.

It was known that the search will end when all the parts of the female’s body are obtained.

The multidisciplinary team that works on the work is made up of Civil Protection officials, Carabobo firefighters and the Criminal and Criminal Scientific Investigations Corps (Cicpc) in charge of two K9 canines.

Protest in the south of the city

This Monday morning, relatives, neighbors and colleagues of Dr. Nardy Mora, went to the headquarters of the Palace of Justice, south of Valencia, to demand speed in the case of the death of the doctor, known for her work in the Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI) «Carmen Norte» in Santa Rosa.

The demonstrators showed their rejection of the crime and asked the Public Ministry for the maximum sentence for the murderer, identified as Yonathan Yoel Figueroa Goitia, 45 years old.

In this regard, Dr. Dilimelis Bustillo commented that Mora always had impeccable conduct and commitment to her work was her benchmark.

“We demand that the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, rule on the matter. This man has another criminal record and it is necessary that the full weight of the law falls. That man was not a security guard at the school, but he worked there, taking care of pigs », he pointed out.

The protesters also took over other parts of the city to demand justice.

Meanwhile, on La Romana Avenue, José Regino Peña neighborhood of the Miguel Peña parish and Mora’s place of residence, a vigil in memory of the doctor will be held at night.

According to spokespersons for the Comuna El Panal 2021, the activity under the slogan “Not one more” will have as its main purpose to raise the voice against the heinous crime and femicide in the country.

Body search continues

Demonstrations rejecting Mora’s murder will continue this Tuesday, on the Santa Rosa bridge, where relatives and acquaintances will gather to demand, once again, justice.

It is worth noting that the doctor disappeared last Wednesday, after participating in a comprehensive health day held at the CDI Carmen Norte.

According to the police version, Mora would have been approached by her murderer, who subdued her and forced her to enter the UE Rafael Guerra Méndez, where he raped her, hanged her and later dismembered her. Crime keeps the population of Carabobo in dismay.

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