Sea for Bolivia: Pedro Castillo takes a step back

Sea for Bolivia: Pedro Castillo takes a step back

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The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, backed down in his intention to call a referendum to find out if the Peruvians want to grant maritime territory to Bolivia. He indicated that in the interview he had last week he expressed himself badly and apologized to his governor.

“Yes, I expressed myself badly, I apologize to our people. I want to tell you again that I will do nothing in my government without consulting the people. The concept of granting the sea to Bolivia is the same as that of former presidents Fujimori and García, with the condition that we could expand the Bolivian sea areas with the advantage of developing a pole of economic and tourist growth, ”he told La Noticia.

After Castillo’s first statements there were strong questions from politicians and people against the president, whom they described as a traitor to the country. In addition, this generated an antipathy in Peru towards the Bolivian State.

To get out of the way, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the neighboring country indicated that the head of government was referring to the 1992 agreement. The agreement establishes that Bolivia will have facilities in the port of Ilo.

After the questioning, now Pedro Castillo said that he will never cede an inch of Peruvian territory to another country. He stated that he will be the first to defend Peru’s sovereignty.

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