science and sport

science and sport

Many times we think that sport to achieve important triumphs is just training, training and more training, we are wrong, not everything is linked to strengthening the body and sweating calories to be a good athlete. Science numbers are becoming more and more important.

The footballer, cyclist, swimmer and runner must have a strict routine in their mind and body to have the goal of victory fixed from the beginning to the end. Being a good athlete today is linked to great recognition, which is what any athlete goes for. For this medicine, although it responds to the usual problems of the gymnast whatever his discipline, is not the only science that dedicates its tools and knowledge to recover health and make speed, strength and maneuvers good for the person who dedicates time to his life for sport and vice versa.

Science plays a more important role every day. Now what stands out in this important relationship when surfing the net is a news item that indicates sports performance.

There is every time a series of books with several sheets and an element to write is already exhausted like a soccer player in his preseason or the 90 minutes that he would have to play in a game.
The highlight of this reality is what the athlete must understand about the importance of knowing and knowing why and why they are the constant evaluations that must be passed to jump, run, dribble and do what is expected of every soccer player.

Science as protagonist
We must understand that not everything is limited to how he looks, looks, or what he says or does off the court. It is another story or book with its chapters that happens or can happen away from the public eye. Once you perceive a good performance of any particular athlete, you want to see him sustain it forever as serious athletes like CR7 do, which is just an example of how an athlete should live, work and exist to reach high performance levels.

Among the sciences related to sports to make it attractive and sustain the health and good performance of the athlete, the following stand out; sports psychology, sociology, sports medicine, biomechanics, physiology among others, where they help improve the athlete’s performance at the psyche, movement, biological level and relationships with their environment.

Not everything to be a good athlete is to sweat, eat or rest well, there is a science that deals with various aspects in the life of the athlete who must not only have and fulfill his routine with particular discipline but understand that there are not only numbers in his account that matter, but a series of figures and routines that must be attended and cared for because together they do it, sustain and project it as a person and figure of their discipline. Science plays an increasingly important role in the life of any elite athlete.

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