Head of the Dircote assures that they requested the preliminary arrest of Vladimir Cerrón

Head of the Dircote assures that they requested the preliminary arrest of Vladimir Cerrón

General Óscar Arriola, head of the Counter-Terrorism Directorate () of the National Police, assured that they requested the Public Ministry to order the preliminary arrest of the general secretary of the Free Peru party, .

Pointing out to the press the achievements Dircote has had in recent months, General PNP assured that they have taken actions to protect various witnesses who provide information in investigations, including Eddy Villaroel, known as ‘Sacha’, who implicated Vladimir Cerrón and other members of Peru Libre in meetings with terrorists in the Vraem.

To this was added the fact that the Police, as part of its work, proposed to the Public Ministry that a preliminary arrest warrant be issued against the former governor of Junín.

The head of the Dircote indicated that the arrest of Vladimir Cerrón was requested. (N-Channel)

“The police requested the preliminary arrest, but we have a criminal procedure code and a Public Ministry that is the head of the criminal action. But we as technicians request the arrest of Vladimir Cerrón and other people”, Arriola detailed.

Currently, Vladimir Cerrón has a restricted appearance order as part of the investigations against him, as well as against Guillermo Bermejo and Guido Bellido, for allegedly having held meetings with terrorists in the Vraem.

Judge Soledad Barrueto ordered this restriction against Cerrón Rojas on Saturday, April 9, by responding to the request of the Public Ministry for Vladimir Cerrón to comply with various restrictions such as being absent from his place of residence without judicial authorization or the obligation to communicate his change of address.

He is also prohibited from communicating with the witness Eddy Villaroel Medina, who said in an interview that he was aware of meetings that members of Peru Libre would have had with the Quispe Palomino terrorist column in the Vraem.

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