Says sending police and military to the streets will not reduce crime

Sanchez Ramirez. The senator and national leader of the People’s Force, Félix Bautista, assured that the sending of police and military troops to the streets will not reduce the high crime rates that affect the nation, since, in his opinion, it is necessary to go to the root of the problem by improving people’s quality of life.

During a day of swearing-in in this province, the congressman for San Juan de la Maguana maintained that the most effective way to reduce crime is to create more jobs, reduce inflationary levels in the family basket and poverty, establish policies aimed at motivate young people to get involved in short-term technical careers that allow them to be part of the labor market.

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Bautista said that in the face of the general crisis affecting the nation, Dominicans see in Leonel Fernández the leader with the capacity and conditions to lead the country down the right path.

“Only Leonel can establish policies aimed at reducing the high cost of living, the disaster in school dropouts, effectively combating crime levels, bringing life back to the countryside that looks dying and abandoned, increasing investment in agricultural production,” said.

The swearing-in of political leadership bodies took place this weekend in the municipalities of Cotui, Villa La Mata, Fantino and Cevicos, as well as the political leadership of nine municipal districts.

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