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Colombian consultant held seven meetings at the Government Palace with Pedro Castillo

A report by Punto Final revealed that the President of the Republic, was visited in the Government Palace up to seven times by the Colombian consultant María Alejandra Liliana Trujillo Moncaleano, who would have helped him face the questions about the investigation being carried out against him and people around him.

The record of visits to the Casa de Pizarro to which the Sunday newspaper had access shows that Trujillo Moncaleano’s first entry was last May 10 at 4:21 pm and he was there for almost four hours. The next day, May 11, she met with the president again at 7:09 am for a space of two hours.

That day coincided with the news that the businessman Zamir Villaverde He denounced without evidence, before the Congressional Oversight Commission, that there was allegedly electoral fraud in the last presidential elections.

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Then, on May 12, they met once again in government palace for less than an hour. On May 13, the Colombian consultant went to the presidential compound twice: at 8:54 am and left at 10:43 am. After that he returned at 6:48 pm and was there until 8:04 pm

The following meetings between María Alejandra Trujillo and Pedro Castillo took place on May 16 and 17which were the last to be registered on the Government Palace portal.

Punto Final also showed that the political marketing specialist has attended various decentralized Councils of Ministers that were held in different regions of the country, accompanying the president and the ministerial cabinet.

When the Undersecretary General of the Government Palace, Beder Camacho, was consulted, he reported that there is no record of Trujillo Moncaleano’s contract with the State and there is no employment relationship.

Consultant’s response

When asked about her visits to the Government Palace, Maria Alejandra Liliana Trujillo Moncaleano He indicated that they asked him to come to the country to make a diagnosis of the political crisis and that the meetings with the head of state served for this.

They asked me to make a diagnosis of the crisis that the country was experiencing in terms of democracy“, said.

Likewise, he explained that most of the coordination for his assistance to the Government Palace and his trips to the decentralized Councils of Ministers were coordinated with Luis Alberto Mendieta Gavirondo, the head of Pedro Castillo’s technical cabinet.


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