Says “government seems improvised in implementing police reform”

Santo Domingo.- The head of the Propaganda Secretariat of the People’s Force, César Fernández, affirmed that the government led by Luis Abinader seems improvised in the implementation of a police reform that guarantees a true transformation of that institution of order and brings calm and safety to all Dominicans.

“We have a president who has been announcing plans and measures since 2016, on that date the current ruler presented the former mayor of New York, Mr. Rudolph Giuliani, who was a candidate at that time and presented a plan, he did not win the elections, but in in 2019, he comes back and brings the former mayor and his team, he presents the same plan, or I don’t know if it has been improved, Luis wins in 2020, but it is not until April 2021, when the homicide of the couple of shepherds from Villa Altagracia that the issue is taken up again, ”said Fernández.

He went on to say that “it was after this fact that the President of the Republic ordered a commission for the reform of the Police and just 7 days later they presented an incomplete security plan, that is to say, a president who has been announcing a famous plan of security by Mr. Giuliani, or he puts it into operation, but then he brings a Colombian, then a Mexican, finally we have a Spaniard who brings measures, and that is where improvisation and lack of planning are observed.”

The political leader made a comparison between the plan presented by the former mayor of New York, and the current one presented by Mr. José (Pepe) Vila, and concluded that Guilliany’s plan is much more complete and comprehensive, whereas Vila’s it is not very comprehensive and also excludes the neuralgic points that the National Police needs for a true transformation.

When interviewed on the Entero Crédito program hosted by the journalist Héctor Herrera Cabral, Fernández concluded his participation by saying that he agrees with the statements of certain members that make up the commission when they assure that the President of the Republic is afraid of the revelations that made the report presented by the commission; he doesn’t know where to get into it, or he doesn’t have the ability to put it to work.

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