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Saúl Méndez: ‘Our position is not that businessmen don’t win, it’s that they don’t steal from us’

The general secretary of the Single Union of Construction and Similar Workers (Suntracs), and who is part of the single dialogue table, Saúl Méndez, stated that what is currently happening is a challenge and a way to punish these monopolies and oligopolies. that exist in the town’s food, since there is a shortage of various products included in the new list of the basic family basket.

He added that unions such as Conep, Apede, Chamber of Commerce, have said that they will not abide by the provisions that the government establishes in this regard for food. “The response of supermarkets, stores and grocery stores has been to raise food prices and there have been shortages, so we have demanded that the authorities comply with the agreement,” he said.

Méndez emphasized that the position of Suntracs and other union organizations “is not that the businessmen don’t win, it’s that they don’t steal from us.”

The Suntracs leader also alluded to the director of the Agricultural Marketing Institute (IMA), Carlos Motta, who got up on Sunday afternoon from the single dialogue table for Panama, after an exchange of words with leaders of the social movements that They warned him about non-compliance with the agreements on the issue of the basic food basket.

Although hours later, Motta apologized through a note addressed to the members of the dialogue table, and described the incident as “unfortunate and wrong that should never have happened”, according to Méndez, the IMA official is a ” despicable guy because there (at the table) he said he was going to quit and he didn’t quit.

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