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The opposition asks that two Uruguayan ministers step aside for the Marset case

The vice president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, denounced this Tuesday that the accusations against her and the request for imprisonment, disqualification and confiscation of her assets only respond to judicial persecution, since there is no evidence of the accusations.

“It is a fierce political and media campaign”assured the former president in a message that was broadcast live from the Senate, and in which she assured that the trial began with “a fiction” from “a false and quite bad script.”

“This is not a trial of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, It is a trial of Peronism, the national and popular governments those of us who fight for memory, truth, justice”, he stated, explaining that what is sought is to discipline political leaders so that they do not fight business and media powers.

He also assured that, when he said that they already had the sentence written in advance, he fell “short”, because in reality the whole case demonstrates the shortcomings of a judicial system related to former President Mauricio Macri, who acts with partisan interests and who only seeks to outlaw her. .

He recalled, for example, that the macrismo harassed and made former attorney Alejandra Gils Carbó resign and set up a massive and illegal espionage system from the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI). In addition, Fabián Rodríguez, Macri’s former legal adviser, has an international arrest warrant.

Rodríguez is the only fugitive politician and he is not a Peronist, It belongs to you, the macristas. None of us fled when they persecuted us, threatened us and released us. We stay here in Argentina to give an account. You run away at the first summons, ”she stressed.


He also considered that the process is “a farce” that goes beyond the “lawfare” (judicial persecution) that there has been in Bolivia, Brazil or Ecuador, since it is not only about stigmatizing progressive leaders.

“It is about confusing the popular government with illicit associations, they protect those who really stole from the country. The judicial party is not only going to impute us, it protects them [los macristas]”, said.

The day before, prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola accused to the former president for having headed, together with her deceased husband and predecessor, Néstor Kirchner, an illicit association that defrauded the State for an amount of 1,000 million dollars by directing the public road works of the province of Santa Cruz to a single businessman, Lázaro Báez, a friend of the Kirchner family.

Along with her, 12 other businessmen and former officials are accused. All will be able to offer their final statements in the coming weeks, and it is expected that the court will announce their sentence no later than December.

On Monday, prosecutors asked for a sentence of 12 years in prison, lifelong disqualification from holding public office and the confiscation of the vice president’s assets, which tensed the political climate and increased the polarization of the South American country, since the opposition considers proven guilt and officialism, his innocence.

While the prosecutors argued, the former president was surprised to ask the court to allow her to expand her investigative statement, since evidence was presented in the accusation to which neither she nor her lawyers had had access, which It violates your right to defense.

As the court rejected his request, Fernández de Kirchner decided to broadcast a live message that this Tuesday became the main point of the political agenda and was followed by tens of thousands of people.

new tests

Throughout an exhibition that lasted 90 minutes, the vice president presented testimonies, documents, calls and messages that contradict the prosecutors, and that would demonstrate the links of several of the accused with businessmen or officials of the macrismo, which were never even mentioned. during the process.

Another theme of the speech was the media complicity of the traditional and anti-Peronist press that investigates or handles judicial cases with double standards to protect macrismo.

As an example, he cited the case of José López, the former Secretary of Public Works who in 2016 starred in one of the most important corruption scandals in this country, when videos were broadcast in which he was seen carrying bags with millions of dollars in cash to a convent

López was already sentenced for that case and, in addition, he is charged in the current trial against Fernández de Kirchner, who released transcripts of the former secretary’s closeness with Nicolás Caputo, a businessman whom Macri considered his “brother”, and who never he was not even called to testify.

They never investigated the origin of the funds of the bags of José López because it belonged to you, the macristas”, he pointed out.

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