Sartori refuses to present his wife's affidavit and the JUTEP initiates an investigation

Sartori refuses to present his wife’s affidavit and the JUTEP initiates an investigation

Ekaterina Ribolovleva and Juan Sartori in a file photo
Ekaterina Ribolovleva and Juan Sartori in a file photo

The legislator for the National Party, Juan Sartori, refused to present the Affidavit of Assets and Income of his wife, Ekaterina Rybolovleva, daughter of Russian billionaire Dmitry Ryboloyev, oligarch and owner of -among other companies- AS Monaco, and of the that Sartori is vice president.

The legislators for the Broad Front, Eduardo Brenta, Amanda Della Ventura and Daniel Olesker, had made a request for a report before the Board of Transparency and Public Ethics (JUTEP) on December 21, 2021 on Sartori’s affidavit. They assured at the time that the white legislator “presented a sworn declaration in the first instance on February 15, 2020”, but “said declaration was incomplete, for which he was asked to present a Complementary Sworn Declaration, on the understanding that he omitted to express in the same certain data”.

“The second Declaration -complementary- was presented on November 22, 2021, declaration of assets, real estate, vehicle and participation in companies,” the JUTEP responded that time.

He added that “Sartori did not present the Sworn Declaration of his spouse, as is clear from article 12 of Law 17,060” and that, given all current regulations, “there is no doubt that the spouse and/or common-law spouse of the obligated official must Submit a sworn statement of assets and income.

“The JUTEP board has repeatedly instructed Senator Sartori to comply with the Sworn Declaration of his spouse. In a session dated April 28, 2022, by act No. 973, it ordered the investigation provided for in article 17 of Law No. 19,797 to proceed, ”continues the Board in the response to the request for reports that was sent to the Minister of Education and Culture , Pablo Da Silveira, and the Vice President of the Republic and President of the Senate, Beatriz Argimón.

He says that it is not an obligation

Sartori refuses to submit his wife’s affidavit because “there is no legal partnership of goods and, therefore, the data of the spouse does not correspond to be included in the affidavit.”

The JUTEP does not share this position and communicated it to the senator in a response because the new wording of the law that applies requires civil servants and public officials to present “a precise and circumstantial list of the movable and immovable property of the declarant, of his spouse or concubine, of the company or of the concubinary company of goods that it integrates”.

The fact that there is “legal separation of property” does not change the situation “and also the deed or court order that decreed the separation must be added.”

Another of the arguments of the libertarian legislator is that they were married in another country: their nuptials were in 2015 in Skorpios, property of Ekaterina Rybolovlev, his wife, and that for this reason, “he is not in a legal union in our Law, he has not married according to the civil legislation of our system, nor does it have a recognition of concubinage registered in the terms of Law 18,246.

Indeed, the Sartori-Rybolovleva couple “is not registered in the marriage book of the Foreigners Registry”, but the General Directorate of the Civil Status Registry (DGREC) clarified that “”with respect to the validity or effects of the foreign document in our country, it is reported that the marriage celebrated abroad has full legal validity in Uruguay”, and that “it is not necessary to register in the Registry of Foreigners kept by the DGREC, for the marriage to be valid in our country” .

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