International analyst believes that Maduro's tour ratifies his legitimacy in the world

International analyst believes that Maduro’s tour ratifies his legitimacy in the world

Roque recalled that Nicolás Maduro’s tour is being carried out in response to the Summit of the Americas organized by the United States. He stressed that the president is aware that Venezuela must be in the international arena in the oil field

The international analyst Félix Roque considered this Wednesday, June 15, that the international tour carried out by President Nicolás Maduro through several countries such as Turkey, Algeria, Iran, Kuwait and now Qatar, that beyond the economic benefits it may have for Venezuela, helps to the positioning of our country in the international arena.

In his opinion, the arrival of the Creole president to Qatar and to the countries of the Arab world is related to the issue of oil reserves and the international market, adding that our country “must be a participant” in these relations and maintain an important presence.

In an interview given to VTVRoque stressed that Maduro “is clear” in the formation of new power blocs so that in the world there is not only a focus of attention, but that several edges are configured that are taken into account, just as he ensures that from Venezuela he is acknowledging the importance of these countries which in turn recognize him as president.

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He recalled that this tour was made in response to the Summit of the Americas and therefore, he believes that there is an acceptance of the legitimacy of the Venezuelan president in the countries he visits.

He stated that this international activity “is already bearing fruit” in the country because shortly after Nicolás Maduro visited Turkey, potential investors interested in the entity’s mining capacity from Ankara and Damascus, the Syrian capital, arrived in Táchira state to see the deposits of silicon, coal, marble and gypsum.

On the other hand, he believes that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States have triggered the price of a barrel of oil to 115 dollars, since there is a significant demand for crude oil caused by the ban on the sale of this oil. hydrocarbon to Moscow. That, in his opinion, has given rise to new alliances with countries like Nicaragua, Venezuela and Brazil.

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