SARR 2022 leaves San Juan and visits "virgin land"

SARR 2022 leaves San Juan and visits “virgin land”

Stage 3 will link San Juan and the Mendoza town of Tunuyán. Photo PacoPhotographs 565

After arriving in the capital of San Juan, it will be the turn to continue going through the stages that SARR 2022 will retrace through five provinces and this is how it will be the turn of a province where the competition never had the opportunity to transit.

Mendoza appears as the possibility of arrival of the third section, with a start from Vallecito, more precisely in Difunta Correa, for the start of the 1st Timed Special of the day.

The region has its particularity of broken dunes, and sectors with low vegetation and for this the day will have a demanding stage.

This is how, little by little, the motorcycles, quads, UTVs and trucks will cover some tracks and it is possible that they will travel through the “off-road” before their arrival near the Costa de Araujo and on Mendoza soil.

Dry rivers where each vehicle will travel at different speeds, being sinuous and sandy, to which will be added the 2nd Special of 80 km timed in “La Encrucijada”, a place with a lot of sand, dunes and low dunes with different speed intensities.

After that site there will be a link to the town of Las Catitas, where the 3rd Special will start behind the Municipal Camping, with a start on a river bed, a sector known by the CANAV Rally Raid competitors; which will end in Santa Rosa and then in the 4th and last Special will start at the “El Carrizal” Dam of only 20 timed km to arrive at the Vivac in Tunuyán.

Among the bikes, there will be during stage 3 the “Marathon Stage” where in all its categories they will have the possibility to fix their vehicles without the attention of the assistance for the next challenge that will unite them with

Cover photo: Pablo Barrionuevo @pablobar

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