São Paulo: seven samba schools close the Grupo Especial parades

São Paulo: seven samba schools close the Grupo Especial parades

Seven samba schools participate in the parade on the second day of performances by the São Paulo Carnival Special Group, starting at 10:30 pm this Saturday (23) and continuing into the early hours of Sunday (24), at the Anhembi Sambadrome. Vai-Vai, Gaviões da Fiel, Mocidade Alegre, Águia de Ouro, Barroca Zona Sul, Rosas de Ouro and Império de Casa Verde enter the avenue.São Paulo: seven samba schools close the Grupo Especial parades

The parades of the Special Group began last night (22), also with seven associations: Acadêmicos do Tucuruvi, Colorado do Brás, Mancha Verde, Tom Maior, Unidos de Vila Maria, Acadêmicos do Tatuapé and Dragões da Real.

Parade of the Colorado do Brás Samba School, with the theme Carolina - A Cinderela Negra do Canindé, at the Anhembi sambadrome.

Parade of the Colorado do Brás Samba School, with the theme Carolina – A Cinderela Negra do Canindé, at the Anhembi sambadrome. – Rovena Rosa/Agência Brasil

Mayor Ricardo Nunes, who participated in the opening of the event, assessed that this is a very emotional moment. “And the name of this year’s carnival has everything to do with it: Carnival of Life. We are all vaccinated, without a mask, the indexes [de casos de covid-19] They are good. Carnival is a heritage of the city of São Paulo, which is the vaccine capital. In short, it’s a lot of happiness, a lot of joy,” she said.

For Friday (29) the Parade of Champions is scheduled with the participation of eight associations: the champion of the Access Group II, the first and second places of the Access Group I, in addition to the first five of the Special Group.

Street carnival

The city hall announced that, in the month of July, a great street carnival will be held. According to Nunes, the big blocks were very conscious and accepted the city hall’s appeal not to parade now.

“We are having small movements in the neighborhoods, without any problems so far. It is a completely natural movement within the process, which gives us even greater responsibility, together with the secretary [municipal] de Cultura, Aline Torres, and the governor, Rodrigo Garcia, to promote a great street carnival party on July 16th and 17th”, said Ricardo Nunes, according to a note released by the municipality.


The company SPTrans, responsible for buses in the capital of São Paulo, set up a special transport scheme to serve the public of the parades. Two special bus lines were activated to facilitate the movement of the public to the event, connecting the Sambadrome to the Tietê and Barra Funda Metro stations.

parade of blocks

The city hall of São Paulo informed, in a note, that no street block communicated the intention to occupy the city’s streets with a parade, which had been requested in a meeting last Wednesday (20) with organizers of the collectives so that the municipality could position teams from the Traffic Engineering Company (CET) to monitor traffic and make possible detours and assign cleaning teams.

Even so, the boroughs assigned 100 employees to take care of janitorial work and 18 pieces of equipment, including seven water trucks; six tippers; two sweepers and three compactors to work on the streets if necessary, in addition to 400 CET agents who are on standby.

This Saturday (23), a block was concentrated between the intersection of Tagipuru and Alfredo de Castro streets, in Barra Funda, as informed by the municipality. The janitorial teams followed the route and will clean the road after closing.

Another block was concentrated on Rua General Vitorino Monteiro, in the Lapa region, and cleaning and CET teams were on site accompanying the parade and performing the service on the road. At Praça Otávio Peres Belasco and Rua Conselheiro Ramalho, blocks of streets were concentrated, accompanied by cleaning teams and CET.

On Rua Coronel Melo de Oliveira, a team was sent to the address to clean and remove debris from the place where a parade was taking place.

Yesterday (22), members of carnival groups occupied Rua Conselheiro Brotero, in Santa Cecília, and Rua Iquiririm, in Butantã, also with CET monitoring and subsequent action by cleaning teams.

Expanded article at 8:46 pm with information about the parade of blocks.

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