Bolivia registers low numbers of Covid-19 infections and increase in vaccinated

Bolivia registers low numbers of Covid-19 infections and increase in vaccinated

This Saturday, 69 people who tested positive for coronavirus throughout Bolivia; while this week there was an unusual increase in people who are vaccinated daily at the points enabled by governments and municipalities.

According to the official report, that amount contracted Covid-19 throughout the country; while 3,206 people were vaccinated this Saturday Throughout the national territory.

Santa Cruz and La Paz recorded 28 cases each, Cochabamba 10, Chuquisaca two, Oruro one are the four regions that registered cases. While Potosí, Beni, Tarija and Pando did not register positive cases.

In the case of recovered Chuquisaca was the one with the most patients with 157, La Paz 145, Santa Cruz 31, Cochabamba23, Potosí five, Beni four. In Tarija, Oruro and Pando there were no registered patients.

In this way, Bolivia reached 904,446 patients who went through the disease in the 25 months of the pandemic and the number of people who lost their lives during this time reached 21,908.

In the case of vaccines, the Government reported that so far 13,461,363 doses have already been supplied throughout the country. This vaccine map also revealed that this week there was an unusual growth in administered vaccines, since the previous week the average number of immunizers administered was 4,374; while this week that average multiplied to 33,543 in seven days.

Although on Saturdays and Sundays the vaccination campaigns are extended to various places where people attend, the average number of vaccines on the weekend is lower than that of the week itself. This Saturday the number of vaccines reached 3,206 doses, lower than those registered in the week that were greater than 12,000 doses each day.

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