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São Paulo service sector grows 11.2% in April compared to the previous year

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Service confidence grows 3 points in March, says FGV survey

The real revenue of companies in the service sector in the capital of São Paulo reached R$ 50.5 billion in April, which corresponds to an increase of 11.2% compared to the same period last year. According to data from the Conjunctural Survey of the Services Sector (PCSS), carried out by the Federation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism of the State of São Paulo (FecomercioSP), in the year the increase is 11.5% and in the last 12 months, the index increased by 16.2%.

The survey evaluates 13 activities and of these, eight had growth in comparison with April of last year. Tourism showed an increase of 311.6% in April, with revenues of R$ 573 million. In comparison with March, the increase was 5.3% and in the last 12 months the sector grew 120.1%.

The other activities that increased in the annual comparison were Simples Nacional (83%), marketing and communication (14.6%) and legal, economic and technical-administrative services (10.3%), in addition to other services ( 34.1%).

On the other hand, the activities that showed a decrease were representation services (-13.9%), agency, brokerage and intermediation (-9%), technical-scientific (-4.5%), banking, financial and insurance services ( -3.4%) and civil construction (-1.2%).

In the monthly comparison, the service sector recorded a drop of 2.7% in average revenue, reflecting the scenario of uncertainties in the economy. “Inflation remains the main villain in this context, as it makes company operations more expensive and reduces consumption, forcing consumers to seek more essential services, thus affecting company margins”, says Fecomércio-SP.

For the entity, it is important that entrepreneurs define strategies and cost reduction plans to compensate for possible increases and adjust investments and expenses according to the financial cash flow schedule and avoid excess indebtedness. “The moment of uncertainty demands planning and resilience from the business sector to face the challenges”, highlights Fecomercio-SP.

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