After fleeing the country for conviction, former mayor of Antofagasta Karen Rojo is arrested in the Netherlands

The Public Ministry confirmed the arrest of the former mayor of Antofagasta Karen Red in Holland. The former mayor fled the country on March 23 of this year, after the Supreme Court confirmed the effective sentence of five years and one day in prison for the crime of treasury fraud.

The chief prosecutor of the Antofagasta Regional Prosecutor’s Office, Christian Aguilarindicated in a press point that the arrest -concreted this Wednesday- occurred in the context of the request of the Public Ministry to apprehend Rojo.

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“What must be made present is that the Court in Rotterdam that will control the detention of Rojo Venegas today, will resolve his situation regarding precautionary measures. That is, if he is going to be kept in preventive detention, or in detention, or with arrest or with some other different precautionary measure while the extradition procedure is processed,” he added.

In addition, the prosecutor explained that Rojo’s “situation is not aggravated or his sentence is not increased due to the fact that he has fled the country, since tearing himself away does not constitute a crime in itself in our legal system.”

Regarding the place where Rojo was, the persecutor indicated that they do not have precise information about it, but “as it was made available to the Rotterdam court, it is possible that he was found in the city of Rotterdam or in its surroundings.”

tax fraud

On March 23, the Supreme Court confirmed the sentence, issued by the Antofagasta Oral Criminal Trial Court, which sentenced Rojo to an effective sentence of 5 years and one day in prison for the consummated crime of tax fraud. The crime was committed between October 2015 and August 2016.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Rojo used resources from the Municipal Corporation for Social Development of Antofagasta to pay for services of a communications agency for personal purposes, with a view to his re-election. This is the firm Main Comunicaciones, belonging to the political scientist Jose Miguel Izquierdo.

For the case, the former executive secretary of the Municipal Corporation Edgardo Vergara he was also sentenced. His sentence was three years and one day in prison, with the benefit of probation.

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