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Santos accuses Duque of dismantling peace

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Santos accuses Duque of dismantling peace

The former president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, criticized the government of former president Iván Duque, stating that I put aside the Peace Process and the journey to achieve negotiations with groups outside the law. Furthermore, Santos said that Duque dedicated himself to polarizing the armed forcesby prioritizing promotions based on loyalty and not merit.

According to the former president, the issue of peace was not discussed for 4 years and the road that had already been built was lost in his government”All this was dismantled, with an aggravating circumstance, the management of the armed forces became polarized, then promotions were no longer due to merit but to loyalties,” Santos said.

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In addition to this, he stated that the previous government thought of ending the war only with violence “What they did was dismantle all the work of many years and there we saw the results, which the public force returned to the part of the bombardments without any contemplation, they once again counted the dead instead of the demobilized, to the old, to what had been dismantled and there are the results“, stressed the former president.

Juan Manuel Santos also made a taunt to Iván Duque about what happened in the demonstrations of the year 2019commenting that they were emphasized in round up young people who used drugs as if they were criminals.

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“They dedicated themselves to persecuting young people, the police put her to persecute the young people who smoked in the parks and of course those young people began to generate anxiety and hatred towards the police and hatred was seen in the demonstrations as a result of a bad security policySantos mentioned.

The former president concluded by commenting that supports the negotiation with the ELN and the project to legalize drugs, concluding that it would be the best option to end the war on drugs.

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