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Colorado senator Enrique Riera argued that it is presumed that the most probable thing is that the liberal Efraín Alegre, being a senator, voted for the dismissal of Fernando Lugo because he had in his possession a confidential report that exposed his dark dealings in the MOPC when he was a minister, and that is only now coming to light.

A lapidary report prepared by the General Audit of the Executive Power (AGPE) during the administration of Fernando Lugo reveals that Efraín Alegre managed the MOPC as a “bowling alley”. The audit was never revealed and should have been sent to the Attorney General’s Office. The document indicates damage in the amount of $37 million committed by Efraín Alegre at the head of the MOPC. cases were discovered planning, stopped works, fuel theft, machinery, rigged tenders and other pearls. Lugo threw Alegre out of the MOPC after finding out about the ferocious money grab that had been taking place.

the red senator Enrique Riera indicated in the program La Caja Negra (Unicanal) clearly, Efraín Alegre played with the free bow when he was in public office. “This gentleman was 2 years and 10 months, this audit was only half of his management,” he said at the time of emphasizing that It is very serious that the Executive itself has been aware of this and that the audit report has only come to light after 10 years.

“It scares me, it’s from a incredible daring, how can you collect 7 million dollars without putting a single brick”, he said about one of the points found in the audit, referring to Efraín’s Route of the Lie. “The new minister who replaced him found that the USD 7 million had already been delivered, who knows who swallowed, how they were distributed, who signed,” he added.

In addition, the Colorado politician argued that it is inconceivable that the liberal would once again try to reach the Presidency of the Republic with these disastrous records. “This guy is running for president for the third time with this black past.. This guy on top of that mistreats all the rest of us. Today something is discovered that is rude. Do not build bridges, cobblestones, steal fuel, machinery… who takes care of the illusions of all the people who gropedIt is impossible to explain,” he condemned.

At another point in the interview, Riera recalled that Lugo dismissed Alegre, along with Rafael Filizzola, for engaging in tasks inappropriate to the ministry under his charge, which he described as “a generous term for a swallow like this.” He also recalled that a year later, Efraín, being a senator, voted for the conviction of Lugo in the impeachment trial. “I think he did it because he knew that Lugo had this audit package. If Lugo had this in his hand, what doubts could Efraín have to throw him out so that the bomb does not explode“, considered.

Finally, he warned that if Efraín Alegre has these mismanagements in a public entity, it is most likely that he will do it again if he becomes President of the Republic.

It’s news today: Alegre left nail of US$ 37 million in the MOPC, reveals an audit of Lugo

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