Shakira and Piqué in Arcángel and Bizarrap’s ‘Session 54’, have more than 8 million views

Judith Pena | March 23, 2023

What many expected happened, Bizarrap made his new collaboration with the Puerto Rican Arcángel.

This is Session 54, which was released on all platforms “BZRP Music Sessions #54”.

The launch of the new theme took place on March 22, 2023.

This collaboration between Bizarrap and Arcángel in less than 10 hours exceeded 8 million views on YouTube and his fans already predict that it will be a new success in the music industry.

In this new song that is supposed to be a direct shootout against the singer Anuel, no mention is made of him; but the Colombian Shakira and her ex-partner Piqué of hers are mentioned. “I rested for a couple of years’, I came back and hit myself, killing him’ like Shakira and Piqué. I don’t play football, but the Pelés (…) I know it hurts, I leveled up, now I have property and I go in and they look like hotels”.

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