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May 4, 2023
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Santa Cruz, affected by an epidemic of mild influenza transmission

Santa Cruz, affected by an epidemic of mild influenza transmission

May 4, 2023, 12:34 PM

May 4, 2023, 12:34 PM

The Departmental Health Service (Sedes) confirmed that Santa Cruz is being affected by an epidemic of low transmission of influenza, the AH1N1 variant being the cause of this situation. That is why they urge the population to get vaccinated and redouble efforts to comply with biosecurity measures.

“For two weeks there has been a sharp rise in influenza cases. With almost 100 positive cases in the last week, efforts are being redoubled from Headquarters to control and prevent the disease, mainly with vaccination and the use of biosecurity measures,” said the Headquarters Epidemiology Manager, Carlos Hurtado.

For the epidemiologist, the influenza situation is worrisome, “We are in a low transmission epidemic, outside the endemic corridor. From 2022 to date, 686 positive cases have been detected, which make us get out of the control situation,” he said.

The health authority explained that the group most affected by this pathology are under 15 years of agein which the last two weeks there has been a sharp and important rise.

“Type B influenza was the one that was circulating, which does not have major complications. However, for two weeks AH1N1 has been circulating, which is more lethal, higher hospitalization rate, that’s why we appeal to biosafety measures,” Hurtado reiterated once again.

Carlos Hurtado (right), SEDES Epidemiology manager/Photo: Government

The manager asked the population to go to the health centers for the vaccine against influenza and other pathologies. In addition to resuming the filters in schoolchildren.

“For the boys who go to school there are three filters. The first is at home; in case of detecting any symptoms, you should avoid sending the children to the educational unit; the second filter is at the entrance to the establishment, where in addition to the mask and the use of alcohol for disinfection patients should be detected with the first symptoms, such as fever. The third, in the same classroom; If the teacher detects that a student is in some discomfort, he must refer them to the health center, “explained the manager.

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