Caso Santa Arias: lo que dice la ministra de la Mujer

Santa Arias case: what the Minister for Women says

Jiménez assured his party partner that Santa Arias’ decision goes further

The withdrawal of the complaint that he had filed Santa Arias against his attacker, Alexis Villalona, has provoked conflicting opinions. One of them is that of the lawyer and leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Emmanuel Esquea Guerrero, who assured on his Twitter account that “when each outraged woman finds a Ministry of Gender that makes her case her own, there will be fewer women giving up and we will have consequences.” In this regard, the Minister for Women, Mayra Jimenezreplied that position.

“At withdrawal You have to take into account the way it works. battered woman syndromelearned helplessness, unequal power relations, revictimizationthe tolerance to violence and the complexity of the justice system,” the official responded to Esquea Guerrero’s approach.

Jiménez explained that the withdrawal by the victims It is a matter that requires greater depth of analysis since several aspects associated with the structural and multifactorial nature of the violence.

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The minister assured her party colleague that Santa Arias’ decision goes further: “the problem is more complex,” she added.

The owner of Ministry of women He clarified that this entity represents only one link in the chain of responses to this type of situation regarding battered women, and added that for this institution each withdrawal “represents a challenge, but we have to respect their decision.”

Esquea Guerrero’s publication prompted the minister to offer a lengthy explanation of the case.

Jiménez also said that Arias received all the services available to the Ministry for Women in Shelter Homes, which includes, among others, specialized medical services, psychological and legal assistance and support, security and personalized attention.

“We have an emergency line that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 16 Shelters with full coverage with quality and warmth, legal and psychological support throughout the country.”

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She specified that last year the emergency line responded to 8,071 cases of women victims of violence. In Shelters to 1,672 women with their families, in legal and psychological assistance to 110,123.

It is recalled that, despite the fact that Santa Arias withdrew the lawsuit against Villalona, ​​the Prosecutor’s Office of Bani He assured that he would continue the case “until the final consequences are reached.”

Santa Arias case: what the Minister for Women says
Alexis Villalona and Santa Arias.

Last Friday, the one known as «The Abuser of Baní» or «The Lion«, they imposed three months of preventative prison, to be served in the prison of said demarcation of the Peravia province.

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