Santa Ana protests against the Regional Government of Huancavelica and demands that they return land from Chunka Horno

Santa Ana protests against the Regional Government of Huancavelica and demands that they return land from Chunka Horno

Dozens of community members, carrying their banners and posters, staged a peaceful protest at the door of the Regional Government of Huancavelica, demanding that they fulfill their commitment or return a piece of land in Chunka Horno.

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In an interview with Correo, the president of the Community of Santa Ana, Nilton Huayllani Matamoros, stated that the protest is being carried out due to the lack of good will of the governor (Maciste Díaz Abad), who does not return said land.

“In 2016 we gave them a plot of land per session of use for only two years, that agreement has already ended and the Regional Government has had to return it or talk with the community, but they have not done so, even more so they have wanted to do another type of projects in Chunka Furnace”, stated Huayllani Matamoros.

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He explained that they were given the land so that Educational Institution No. 36010 temporarily works in prefabricated classrooms, while it ceded its premises to the High Performance College (COAR), however, six years have passed and to date not even the Ministry of Education , nor the Regional Government, put a single brick for the COAR premises.

“Since that date there has been no response, that caused the outrage of the community, who made the decision to take to the streets demanding the return of the land,” said Huayllani Matamoros.

He added: “Also the non-compliance with many works, which are paralyzed in the community, our communal house is paralyzed, the sports centers are not executed, the covid cemetery that we have donated, has not been built or executed, nor the road to that cemetery simply broken promises.

He said that by 2018 they already had plans to build a mega market on that land, however, they are postponing their project.

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After waiting a long time, a delegation finally managed to talk with the authorities of the Regional Government of Huancavelica.

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