Sandra Velarde is sentenced to three years in prison after accepting her guilt in the "irregular contracts" case

Sandra Velarde is sentenced to three years in prison after accepting her guilt in the “irregular contracts” case

December 22, 2022, 11:44 AM

December 22, 2022, 11:44 AM

The former municipal secretary of Administration and Finance of the Mayor’s Office of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Sandra Velarde Casalwas sentenced this Thursday (December 22) to three years in prison after undergoing an abbreviated process and accepting her guilt in the economic damage of Bs 25.6 million for the case of irregular contracts.

The prosecutor assigned to the case, Iván Quintanilla, confirmed the sentence of the former official, who participated virtually in the hearing because she is hospitalized in a private clinic due to health problems. He claimed that she, once recovered, must return to the Palmasola prison to serve his sentence.

“A sentence of three years has been given considering that the person is in delicate health and there is effective and true repentance, that it is a voluntary act and without pressure of any nature”, Quintanilla pointed out.

In the same cause of irregular contracts, a Javier Cedenoformer director of Human Resources, and former mayor Angelica Sosa, who are in preventive detention in Palmasola.

According to Quintanilla, when all the people involved conclude their trials, the economic damage to the municipality will be dealt with in another hearing.

The ex-authority is also investigated for the purchase with an alleged overprice of the land of the new San Miguel de Los Junos municipal landfill and for the alleged economic damages caused to the municipality in the construction of the first phase of the Bus Rapid Transport (BTR or BRT) project.

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