In balance of his management, Pacheco recalls the main votes of the Senate

In balance of his management, Pacheco recalls the main votes of the Senate

In the final stretch of the year’s work in the Senate, the President of the House, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), took stock of his management that began in February 2021. Among bills, proposals for amendments to the Constitution, provisional measures, draft legislative decrees, draft resolutions and indications by authorities, 807 matters were approved. “We are going through the biggest public health crisis experienced by the world in the last century. We senators spare no effort to ensure the physical and mental well-being of our fellow citizens,” he stressed.In balance of his management, Pacheco recalls the main votes of the Senate

In the list of initiatives cited by Pacheco aimed at combating the pandemic and health in general are Constitutional Amendment 124 and Law 14,434, of 2022, which establish the national nursing salary floorLaw 14,466, of 2022, which simplifies the purchase of vaccines for covid-19 by the private initiative, Law 14,450, of 2022, which creates the program of monitoring of breast cancer in the SUS. Another highlight was the PL 1998, of 2020, which regulates the services of telehealth (the project was approved by Congress and awaits presidential sanction)

Rodrigo Pacheco also highlighted the performance of the Senate in other areas. In Education, he recalled the Fies debt renegotiation (Law 14.375 of 2022). In the area of ​​technology, the constitutionalization of the right to the protection of personal data (Constitutional Amendment 115). For small companies, the simplification of microcredit (Law 14,438, of 2022) and, for culture, the Law Paulo Gustavo (Complementary Law 195 of 2022).

The Senate President’s balance sheet made this Wednesday (21) also highlighted actions by the House such as the creation of a women’s bench, the supervisory and conciliatory role during the 2022 elections and participation in the most recent United Nations Climate Conference (COP27) . As for this last topic, Pacheco defended the partnership between environmental preservation and economic development. “I firmly believe that effectively addressing environmental issues can occur without compromising economic development. It just needs to happen in a sustainable and responsible way. I believe that Brazil can be a world reference in sustainable development and environmental preservation, and that, to get there, we need more than ever unity and respect, values ​​that have always guided the actions of the Legislative Power”, he said.

Looking back over the last two years, the period in which he commanded the Senate, Pacheco also paid homage to the three colleagues who died during the covid-19 pandemic: José Maranhão (PB), Arolde de Oliveira (PSD) and Major Olimpio (PSL). He also addressed a greeting to all the senators and servants of the House, whom he thanked for their dedication and work, and waved to the future of the Senate. Rodrigo Pacheco’s term as President of the Senate ends on February 1, 2023. He is one of the names that should be one of the candidates for President of the Senate in the next legislature.

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