San Nicolás offers gastronomic, sports and nature options

San Nicolás offers gastronomic, sports and nature options

A getaway destination for all ages.

The Buenos Aires town of San Nicolás de los Arroyos, located just 240 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires, an ideal destination for getaway tourism, will display this long weekend a range of gastronomy options, children’s games, water sports, and a fierce proposal to enjoy with family or friends.

On Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th, the city dresses up in its best iron garments as it becomes the scene of the eighth date of the TC2000, which will take place at the San Nicolás Fairgrounds and Autodromo, located a few minutes from the city center, on the highway linking Rosario with Buenos Aires.

Due to the characteristics of the layout and the wide access areas, the public can observe the complete route from all sectors of the racetrack.

In San Nicolás, adults and children can combine games, walks and landscapes on the banks of the river, with Parque San Martín as one of the favorite spots for families.

It is very common to see rounds of improvised mateadas and picnics looking towards the Paraná in this large property that is located on one of the highest ravines in the city, a strategic location that makes it a great balcony to the river.

As a bonus, it has a games area that entertains the little ones, a bar that offers fast food and river fish options, as well as an artisanal ice cream parlor that becomes a must-stop, which is complemented in the surroundings with options of foodtrucks, ideal for fast food.

If the getaway plan includes children up to 12 years old, the unmissable event is Boooooin, a huge colorful, inflatable and spongy proposal that invites them to jump and bounce, and which is located in the center of the Municipal Palace, a historic building that looks all its 1900 architecture in one of the most traditional corners of the city.

Booooin includes a huge central tower with a slide, a sea of ​​balls, climbing trees that have a magical tint, and a fringed curtain that accompanies the zigzag of a snake.

Booooin includes a huge central tower with slide
Booooin includes a huge central tower with a slide

All this colorful ensemble forms an ecosystem inspired by the native flora and fauna of this area of ​​the Paraná Delta, and the most remarkable thing is that admission is free, but it is necessary to reserve a time on the official website of the municipality to order admission. and avoid queues.

Another essential stop is the central point of the city, the recently renovated Miter Square, which is framed by two large murals by the artist Martín Ron, which, due to their realism, leave tourists and Nicoleños in awe.

In San Nicols, adults and children can combine games, walks and landscapes on the banks of the river.
In San Nicolás adults and children can combine games, walks and landscapes on the banks of the river.

Around the square there is also a wide variety of bars and restaurants that are always a good option for any time of day.

From breakfast to dinner, the city offers cafes, restaurants and bars in a circuit that invites you to try the full range of flavors of the local cuisine.

A journey of culinary exploration could begin at Bleri, a Nicolene-based brand that features coffee varieties paired with savory and sweet treats. Located in the heart of downtown, it is a pleasant stop to share with family or friends.

Lunch and dinner are two good times to discover the flavor of river fish such as boga, pacú, pejerrey, and milanesas de surubí.which are a classic offered by El Muelle, a family restaurant on the Paseo Costanero.

For those who prefer traditional food, in front of Plaza Miter, Comedor Bartolomé is added, with a focus on homemade food “with a nicoleño air”, as anticipated by its proposal

For a snack there is a stop that cannot be missed: The Tronchoni ice cream parlor, which for more than 70 years has offered the best chocolate with churros in the city and which is located a few meters from the Municipal Theater, one of the most picturesque in the country.

At sunset the options begin for those who want a good beer, such as the Growler station, which appears inside a eucalyptus forest and has an ideal patio to enjoy the sunset while tasting beers from all over the country, which They can be accompanied with another distinctive of the place, their lamb burgers.

At the same time, La Birreria in its nicoleña version, which operates inside an old mansion a few meters from the coastal promenade, stands out among the options to share beer and pizza with friends.

On Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th the city dresses in its best ironwork finery
On Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th, the city dresses up in its best ironwork finery.

For those who prefer cocktails, Villa Rocca offers signature drinks paired with dishes that are a classic of the city, in an old house that maintains its charm in the heart of the city.

For nature lovers, the Ecoparque San Nicolás extends along a 6-kilometer path that borders five lagoons and the Yaguarón stream.

The tour includes a journey on a floating walkway and a playground overlooking one of the largest lagoons, the favorite of hundreds of swans, herons and flamingos throughout the year.

During the tour you can consult the posters that provide data on the typical flora and fauna of the place, while reliving some of the legends that coexist on these coasts.

The route is ideal for cycling and can be rented in all its types: touring, mountain bike, BMX, double or electric.

To do this, go to the Descubrí San Nicolás Stationlocated at the entrance to the Ecopark, which is the point that brings together services and tourist information.

In addition, from there it is possible to rent kayaks, SUP boards or pedal boats, all entertaining options to enjoy in the lagoon, and for lovers of wakeboarding, there is a cable that invites beginners and advanced to have fun.

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