River squeezes Borja and recovers with three goals

River squeezes Borja and recovers with three goals

River does everything to cover up the blow that meant the premature elimination in the Libertadores Cup, that goodbye against a youth Velez in the round of 16. It also tries to attenuate as soon as possible the game of Julian Alvarez to the Manchester City. So, the millionaires draw a hyper intense day, with various triggers. They enhance the image of the newly incorporated centre-forward, the Colombian Miguel Borgia, received as a megastar. And at night they devastate with three goals to Central Barracks by Argentine Cup.

The dagger that pulled him out of the Liberators it still hurts. The wound did not heal. We will have to see how the story of a team that will have to reinvent itself continues. And you’ll have to do it no less than without Julian Alvarez. To hide such a drop, he arrived Miguel Borgia, for whom a crack reception was prepared, with a great move on the club’s social networks, exhibiting it in all ways and with originality. The Colombian was hooked. And to seduce him he left a phrase that the fan fell in love with: “I arrive at the Real Madrid of America”.

A while after Borgia he trained for the first time and that, among other activities, he appeared training on a bicycle with his Colombian compatriot Juanfer QuinteroThe team of Marcelo Gallardo played again. already removed from the Cupwith the weekend’s league loss to Godoy Cruz and in the Monumentalcould not fail saint Louis against the newly promoted Central Barracks.

Y River He returned with a collective production more convincing than the previous ones and with three goals to collect. The first, a missile milton helmet from the outside that stuck at an angle. The second, of Agustin Palavecinoafter a cue pass and with a pipe invented by Rodrigo Aliendo. And the third, also from Palavecino, now with a shocking right hand from afar.

It wasn’t easy for River, yes indeed. In the first time, a couple of times Central Barracks it unsettled him. However, Gallardo’s team solved it with their individual hierarchy and with an incessant search, marked by possession and by those definitions to watch repeatedly.

River He went to the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup and will meet Defense and Justice. It happened on a Wednesday where Estudiantes was surprisingly eliminated, falling 0-1 to Belgrano, a Second Division team. He also agreed to the next round Godoy Cruz, who beat 3-1 Lanus.

All eyes were still on the millionaires, who try to turn the page by refreshing the squad and shouting beautiful goals. River suffered a hard blow, but is not knocked out. He seems to get up and want to start over. This is also confirmed by the reflections of Gallant after the victory: “Sometimes, in the most difficult moments, where sanity and temperance are needed, some things go away. Sometimes I lose my calm, because this is football and this country is Argentina. But then I correct myself. I feel good. It’s time to believe in ourselves again. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get out. The important thing is to get out. Rebuilding good teams takes time”.

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