San Juan, de las provincias con mejores indicadores de salud de RD

San Juan, one of the provinces with the best health indicators in the DR

San Juan de la Maguana. – The Minister of Health, daniel rivera, reported this Friday that, according to the data of the study carried out to measure the rates of hypertension, diabetes, and overweight and obesitythe population of San Juan is one of the provinces with the best health indicators in the country.

The study records a percentage of hypertension of 29.7%, 64.4% in overweight and obesity, while in hyperglycemia it is shown at 10.9%, a little lower, for which reason urged to continue opting for healthy habits to further reduce these indicators.

The head of Health indicated that, when comparing the results of the different provinces, San Juan shows between 3 and 4% less in the indicators of hypertension, glycemia and obesity, which denotes that its inhabitants maintain certain care in their habits.

This observation was made during the fourteenth installment of “Health Route: Change your Lifestyle” which on this occasion moved to this demarcation to offer various consultations of different specialties.

“The country’s average in hypertension is 32 and San Juan has 29, in diabetes at the national level it is 12 and this province has 10 and in overweight and obesity, the general average is between 70 and 71 and here it is 64, being one of the the best health indicators of the provinces”.

He noted the demonstrated fact that close to the 46% of the population does not know they have hypertensiona condition that is often detected through a routine check-up and that is what the Health Route pursues.

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In Rivera’s words, “The message that La Ruta brings is to detect diseases in time through health prevention”.

Likewise, he indicated that the mental health services across the countrysince a significant percentage of the population presents depression and other mental health situations. “The same is like diabetes or hypertension, you have to seek specialized treatment.”

Rivera referred to the health measurement study related to overweight, obesity, diabetes and hypertension (SODHIP) which was carried out in May 2021 and yielded the indicators of said diseases in different parts of the country.

Here, the also president of the Health Cabinet spoke of the Government interest in building the Regional Hospital of San Juanwhich will not only provide services to this town, but also to surrounding areas.

Health Route Data

More than 70,000 families have been impacted by the Health Route in the provinces where it has traveled. For this purpose, it has offered 11,150 medical consultations, including 3,300 dental consultations. 7,700 corrective lenses and wheelchairs, medicines, among other supplies, have also been delivered.

San Juan, one of the provinces with the best health indicators in the DR

In addition, some 600 pints of blood have been collected.

In the protocol act, the Provincial Director of Health, Dr. Angel Mateosaid “This tour allows us to bring preventive health to the population starting with a balanced diet and the Minister of Health has been repetitive in urging to change lifestyles for the benefit of the entire population, and today it is our turn to San Juan” .

Meanwhile, Elvira Corporán, governor of the province, said that “Today the people of San Juan feel blessed”, while highlighting the indicators where it is shown that 64% of people in San Juan are obese. For this reason he pointed out that “We are not exercising or eating healthy and this meeting is a call to change these habits to achieve health.”

On his side, the architect Hanoy Sánchez, mayoress of San Juan, said “This hundred-year-old city is proud that it has been taken into account, thanks to President Luis Abinader.” The official proposed joint work between the Ministry of Health and the Mayor’s Offices to rescue people with mental disorders who walk the streets.

On this occasion, the activity was carried out on the Health Route, “Get Vaccinated for Toys”, where the child who brought his card received a gift. This initiative seeks to motivate parents or guardians of minors to Complete your vaccination schedule.

The Vice Ministers Eladio Pérez, of Collective Health, and Fernando Ureña, of the DPS/DAS Provincial Health Directorates; as well as doctor Gina Estrella, director of Risk Management, and doctor Robinson Santos, director of the Cabinet of the Ministry.

This version had the support of Monsignor Tomás Alejo, Bishop of the Diocese of San Juan; the provincial director doctor Ángel Mateo; Presidential Management Ana María Castillo; the representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Dr. Mariela Ortega; from the Comprehensive Care Center for Disability (CAID), Dr. Héctor Mateo; Deputy Frank Martinez; from the provincial Ministry of Women, Mrs. Clara Herrera; from the Ministry of Agriculture, Félix Guzmán Martínez, and Erdinda Saldívar, from the National Health Service.

Also the provincial directors of San José de Ocoa, Dr. Joaquín Vásquez; from Monte Plata, Dr. Cándido Herrera, and from Elías Piña, Arturo Sosa; from Health Area IV, Jesús Suardí, in addition to Colonels Frank Ruiz and Crisóstomo Michelín.

The “Health Route” included activities such as: vaccination of children and adults of all ages, delivery of toys for completing their vaccination scheme for minors, walk through different areas, healthy cooking workshop by FAO, guidance for the elderly and on chronic diseases and health promotion issues in a general sense, as well as positions for cardiometabolic evaluation.

Also, children’s activities on healthy habits, educational talks for young people, opening of health services by the National Health Service (SNS), talk on care and monitoring of pregnant women, as well as for adolescents on early pregnancy, mental health and vial education. There was also typing and blood donation.

The activities began this Friday the 25th and conclude this Saturday the 26th in the Plaza Francisco Caamaño Deñó.

The “Health Route: change your Lifestyle” project has the support of various institutions such as the FAO, Acromax Laboratories, Project Hope, Clean World, Óptica Almánzar, as well as DIGESETT, the National Police, the Fire Department, the Office of the First Lady, INESPRE, Comedores Económicos, among other institutions.

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