"It seems good that UTEC has a different governance from Udelar" they say from Cabildo Abierto

“It seems good that UTEC has a different governance from Udelar” they say from Cabildo Abierto

Senator Guillermo Domenech of Cabildo Abierto maintained that “it seems very good that this new university, the Technological University of Uruguay (UTEC), has a different governance from the University of the Republic and history will tell what is the best form of government.” After the vote of the Senate, the UTEC will have authorities appointed by the Executive Branch, with the approval of the Senate. Domenech recalled that “created during the government of Mr. José Mujica, it has perhaps been one of the positive government actions that we can highlight from that period, because it has led the university or university education to the interior in technological matters, which is what Uruguay needs to develop»In his radio hearing, the legislator indicated that UTEC was created without the co-government of students, professors, and graduates «and we must say that it has been an extremely successful creation. to such an extent that during the entire period of the FA government, and these two plus years of the coalition government, UTEC basically functioned with three appointed Directors without any intervention from graduate teachers and students».

Domenech said that beyond the opinions on university co-government at the University of the Republic “with its benefits and defects”, there is “politicization in the broadest sense of the word, but it is about crude and stark partisan politics”. He concluded by indicating that “a new stage is opening at the Technological University and we hope that it will serve the greatest happiness of the people of the interior and particularly of our young people.”

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