San Jerónimo remains locked in his church, but parishioners pack the temple

San Jerónimo remains locked in his church, but parishioners pack the temple

Locked up in the temple, dozens of devotees of San Jerónimo participated this Friday, September 30, in the holy Eucharist on the occasion of the festivities of the patron saint of Masaya.

Unlike other years, the revered image did not go out in procession, after the government of Daniel Ortega prohibited them for alleged “reasons of public security.”

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During the homily, the foreign vicar of the city of Masaya, Bismarck Conde, called on the parishioners to celebrate Saint Jerome with devotion and “to always love the Catholic Church.”

For his part, Father José Antonio Espinoza, parish priest of the San Jerónimo church, extended his condolences to Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes for the death of his mother, Lilliam Solórzano, who died yesterday, Thursday, September 29.

Parishioners celebrate San Jerónimo festivities locked up, by order of Ortega. Photo: Article 66 / Screenshot, Graphic Stitch

On the other hand, Espinoza congratulated the Masayas, since although the image did not take to the streets, they arrived at the temple to celebrate “with fervor their patron saint. Long live the Catholic Church! Long live Saint Jerome, doctor!” exclaimed the prelate.

Parties besieged by the Police

As happened in the descent of “Tata Chombo”, on the 20th of this month, the parish of San Jerónimo was besieged by agents of the Directorate of Special Police Operations (DOEP) at the service of the Nicaraguan dictatorship.

“Yesterday the police even entered the parish,” they reported.

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For their part, the dozens of citizens danced to the sound of marimbas and shouted: “Long live free Nicaragua! Long live the Catholic Church! Long live Nicaragua!” Others came to pay promises to their patron saint.

It should be noted that despite the fact that the dictatorship prohibited the processions of San Jerónimo, the mayor’s office of the city declared this day and October 7, a paid holiday.

San Jerónimo remains locked in his church, but parishioners pack the temple
Festivities of San Jerónimo. Photo: Article 66 / Screenshot, Graphic Stitch

«In accordance with the powers granted to me by article number 98 of decree 52-97 (Regulations of the Law of Municipalities) “The beginning, duration and modalities of the patron saint festivities will be regulated by the mayor through a decree”, declare a paid holiday, on Friday, September 30, 2022, as it is a local holiday in honor of the festivities of San Jerónimo, patron saint of the Masayas, “says the statement signed by the Ortega mayor Janina Noguera.

This is the first time that San Jerónimo does not go out to walk the streets of Masaya por orders of the government of NicaraguaHowever, the Catholic Church has called for continuing to participate in religious activities, despite police harassment.

Recently, Daniel Ortega ranted once again against the Church, attacking priests and calling them murderers and “blessing” —according to the dictator— the social protests of 2018, which he qualifies as an attempted coup d’état.

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