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Samudio family asks for Bataglia’s head: “He wants to cover up his directors and practitioners”

A staff doctor, a couple of residents, an instrumentalist, another doctor and an assistant, are the ones who carried out the amputation of the left leg of the insured Ramón Samudio. The report was provided by the president of the Social Security Institute (IPS), Dr. Vicente Bataglia.

The director of the IPS explained in dialogue with the 1020 AM station that the data of the medical personnel who intervened in Ramón Samudio’s first surgery did not leave the institution, since they were restricted by the Public Ministry not to provide information on the intervening specialists. , but that the names would already be circulating through the media.

In this context, he confirmed that the doctors who performed the surgery on the left leg were Dr. Hugo Aníbal Cáceres Quiñónez (38), Dr. César Elías Bavera (41), two residents, another assistant doctor and an instrumentalist.

“They are staff doctors, experienced people who were managing the guard on that specific day. In all surgeries there are staff doctors and residents in training, within this training process they participate in the procedures that make up the specialty they are studying”, he mentioned.

Bataglia indicated that documents from the studies prior to the first surgery were found, which led to the amputation of the left leg. “The angiotomography detected a very important dissecting aneurysm in the abdominal aorta which, due to its presence and size, altered blood circulation from the knee down and was already in the process of necrosis. Any tissue or part of the body that is left without blood circulation enters into decomposition and puts the rest of the body at risk,” said the doctor.

Along these lines, he mentioned that there was poor interpersonal communication between the treating physicians and the patient’s relatives because they considered removing a member, stabilizing the patient, removing the other member, re-stabilizing it, and then solving the final problem, which is the abdominal aneurysm.

“At first it was thought that the most affected leg was the right one, but once the evaluation was done in the operating room under anesthesia, it was found that the left one had a much more advanced decomposition process,” he stressed.

Finally, he said that the Prosecutor’s Office intervened from the first moment and has in its possession all the documents, clinical records, studies, among others, for analysis, as well as the Health Superintendence.

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