Sambil realizó quinto simulacro de desalojo, diseñado para movimiento telúrico

Sambil carried out a fifth evacuation drill, designed for earthquakes

Santo Domingo-. Within the framework of the celebration of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Sambil once again demonstrated its capacity to respond to the general eviction drill -designed for an earthquake-, an activity carried out in order to promote the culture of industrial protection and the prevention of business risks.

The drill was carried out in a period of 18 minutes, and included a set of actions and recommendations to be taken at the time of an adverse event. The people who participated were: store workers, contractors and administrative personnel, they were again tested in order to verify their ability to take action at the time of an earthquake and fire.

The eviction was recreated with fictitious victims, in addition to the participation of the Sambil emergency brigades, incident command and call for relief agencies: Civil Defense, Fire Department and Dominican Red Cross.

The Sambil community efficiently practiced the basic emergency rules, reinforcing awareness and preventive culture, greatly expanding their opportunities to save their lives and efficiently help others.

The event was held with open doors at 10:00 a.m., making the conditions as close to reality as they had all the premises to carry out such valuable practice, creating skills and abilities that prepare them for an event of such magnitude.

The general manager, ing. Alexis Hernández pointed out: ¨The safety, in all its aspects, of those who live in Sambil, has always been and will be our priority ¨

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