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Salesforce Announces Real-Time Data Platform and Integrates WhatsApp

The American technology giant for companies Salesforce kicked off its annual Dreamforce conference on Tuesday with the announcement of a new platform that manages customer data in real time – in a matter of milliseconds – and with the integration of WhatsApp.

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The firm co-directed by Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor presented this platform, dubbed Genie, in front of the approximately 40,000 people who attended the opening day of a technology conference that will feature talks and performances by figures such as Lenny Kravitz, Bono and Matthew McConaughey.

Genie taps into Customer 360 data to help provide companies with personalized experiences for their customers, leveraging stored customer knowledge to design strategy from sales and service to marketing and commerce.

The most innovative element is that this integration occurs in real time so that sales representatives have the most up-to-date information before making any decisions.

Thus, the ultimate goal of the customer relationship management firm is to concentrate in a single source and in a single graph all the keys necessary to design the most accurate and up-to-date profile of a customer, combining information from databases and programs Until now they were incommunicado.

From the San Francisco (California, USA) company they reported that companies such as Ford and L’Oréal and organizations such as Formula 1 and PGA Tour Superstore are already using Genie for their interactions with customers.

Genie will also play a relevant role in the implementation of the other big announcement of this day at Dreamforce: an agreement with WhatsApp (owned by Meta) so that companies that use Salesforce can contact customers through the popular instant messaging platform. .

The agreement involves the integration of WhatsApp Business Platform and Salesforce Customer 360 to allow businesses to create experiences for their customers through the messaging platform and manage them from Salesforce services.

The idea is to use Genie so that companies can contact consumers via WhatsApp immediately after they click, for example, on a Facebook or Instagram ad.

Regarding the messaging and communication platform for companies Slack, acquired last year by Salesforce and which has grown in popularity since the start of the pandemic, a new whiteboard and the function of video and multi-screen sharing were announced in the spontaneous conversations.

In the coming weeks, Slack will move to include video, multiple screen sharing and messaging threads in the feature known as “huddles” of spontaneous audio conversations starting in the coming weeks.

The new board, for its part, will be available in 2023 and will allow automated modifications by any user, in addition to integrating data from systems such as Customer 360.

The company has also had to respond to recent cyberattacks on companies using Slack, most notably Uber last week.

In a press conference, one of the two CEOs of Salesforce, Bret Taylor, said that the cybersecurity practices around Slack “are high and should be high”, but that they still hope to learn from these incidents and think about ways to better isolate systems.

Traditionally a mix of tech news and celebrity events, the conference will also feature former US Vice President Al Gore, former basketball player Earvin “Magic” Johnson, ethologist Jane Goodall, singer Jennifer Hudson and former US Treasury Secretary and media economist Larry Summers.

This is the first time since the start of the pandemic that Salesforce has organized this type of event, one of the largest technology conferences and the largest in San Francisco, after a two-year hiatus.

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