Maestros en Loja saldrán a exigir equiparación de sueldos

Salary hike for teachers remains on hold

The National Assembly must seek a form of financing to increase the salary of teachers. The UNE announced a mobilization.

$2.88 billion are needed to finance the salary increase for the teachers, a measure contemplated in the Bilingual Intercultural Education Law (LOEI) promoted and approved by the Assembly during the Government of Lenín Moreno.

It was the Ministry of Finance that presented the president of the Assembly, Guadalupe Llori, with a report detailing the salary increase and his tax impact: $2,175 million a year for the new teacher ranks; $705 million due to increases in spending on education (6% of GDP).

“This would imply an increase in public spending that would affect the fiscal deficit existing,” says Finance.

Salary increase on ‘stop’

The wage hike has not started because the Constitutional Court (CC) determined that it was unconstitutional because -in his opinion- the previous Assembly promoted the law without a clear and specific source of funding. Therefore, the current Assembly must seek a source that allows salary adjustments.

The Education Commission of the Assembly has already approved the report for first debate and ensures that yes there are sources of financing. One of these would be external debt issuance and the use of international reserves, says the report of the Commission. The Commission’s report does not establish, however, that these are occasional and not permanent sources, so that once these resources have been exhausted, new ones would have to be found. sources.


This March 4, 2022, the National Union of Educators (UNE) announced a mobilization to pressure the Assembly to promote a second debate and approve the salary increase. Teachers would go from having a salary of $817 to $1,676. (AVV)


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