Saime director believes that new machines to print passports will work in August

Saime director believes that new machines to print passports will work in August

Gustavo Vizcaíno stated that they are still working on the home delivery system for passports by Saime

The director of the Administrative Service of Identification, Migration and Immigration (Saime), Gustavo Vizcaíno, affirmed this Monday, May 16, that the new machines requested by the institution to carry out a technological renovation in the organism, which will also allow the printing of some 25,000 passports day, they will be operational in mid-August 2022.

In an interview given to VTVVizcaíno recalled that they have been talking about the project to change the entire printing center in Venezuela because he assured that, in addition to the fact that the machines are “archaic”, they have the capacity to produce between 5,000 and 7,000 passports a day and that, at their trial, does not cover the demand for these documents by citizens both inside and outside the country.

He estimates that with the implementation of this new system, the passport can be delivered to the user hours after the procedure has been completed at the Saime offices, either in person – for which he has to on the day assigned by the number terminal ID- or by «delivery», that is, it arrives at home with home delivery.

He commented that in Saime there may be between 2,000 and 7,000 daily passport applications, for which he justified the purchase of the new equipment by mentioning that the current one can print a maximum of 35,000 documents per week and does not cover the demand.

Gustavo Vizcaíno stressed that the machines will come into force at the planned goal in Caracas, after they arrive from abroad, the customs process is completed and the training of personnel is completed. With this you can print passports, extensions, visas, among other things.

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He stated that the software that will control the system is made internationally, although he said that “we have sovereignty” over it due to the identity data that is handled, for which he stressed the importance of it being shielded.

He stated that they are still working on the system for home delivery of passports by Saime and stressed that meetings have been held with private companies that offer the service, explaining that although it may have a “big hit” in the country, seeks that the service reaches all parts of the national geography.

He recalled that Saime is the only body authorized to issue and deliver documentation, denouncing that there are still people who are dedicated to managing documents abroad. In this sense, Gustavo Vizcaíno asked the population for patience and to avoid falling into this type of fraudulent services.

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He indicated that an alleged criminal gang was recently dismantled at a Saime headquarters where National Guard officials were implicated; a member of the National Immigration Police and three workers from the security agency, who asked for money to speed up the procedures.

«We are going to be relentless, whatever name they have; the last name, the godfather they have. We go with the full weight of the law to do justice », he emphasized.

He said that in the case of Chile, the approval of sending a group of Saime officials was achieved in order to speed up the consular attention of our nationals in that country due to the delays in the delivery of documents.

He also spoke again about his project of a “comprehensive card” in which they hope to place all the data of the citizen and his performance: if he has social benefits, a vehicle, medical information and even the fiscal domicile put in the RIF of the Seniat, although He did not offer details of when it would be ready.

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