Minister Javier Garcia: they steal soybeans, but less

Minister Javier Garcia: they steal soybeans, but less

García and the Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, Fernando Mattos, met with the Honorary Advisory Commission for Rural Security, on the morning of Wednesday the 11th at the Cargill Palmira facilities to evaluate the surveillance operation against grain theft, when it is transported in trucks to the bulk and port terminals in this time of full harvest

As soon as he left the meeting, EL ECO asked the Minister of Defense about the issue.

“We have been working on road control for two years, and the joint work with the private sector, the bulk carriers, the police is very good, and the truth is that it has given very positive results that have been recognized by the bulk carriers here.”

When mentioning that the soybean theft also continues, he replied that the evaluation was based on what “happened before” and “how it has improved now”, that is why “we had the recognition by the association”.

-These days one of the great concerns at the country level is homicides. In the event that the Ministry of the Interior asked the Ministry of Defense for support to work against the assassinations, what would be the position of your Portfolio?

-Legally, the powers are different.

-Minister, you always highlight the work of the soldier, why is there never talk of improving his salary?

I don’t know if they never talk. It really is one of the issues that concerns us.

That was the end of the interview by Garcia.

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