El canciller venezolano Félix Plasencia

Saab’s extradition does not close the dialogues with the Venezuelan opposition

The Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Félix Plasencia, said that the extradition of Álex Saab to the United States, on charges of money laundering, affect the dialogues he was holding the ruling party with the opposition in Mexico but that does not end them.

“This kidnapping affects the regular process of dialogue dynamics. That does not mean that the dialogue is over. (…) President Nicolás Maduro has said it over and over again: his hands and arms are open for dialogue“, stressed the chancellor.

Plasencia said that “Sooner rather than later” the talks will be resumed between both parties despite the fact that it was the decision of the ruling party to unilaterally suspend the talks in Mexico after ensuring that Saab’s extradition “was not a legal decisionIt was a unilateral imposition ”.

The Chancellor estimated that the dialogues in Mexico are progressing and going very well because they have had meetings “of great importance” in which different social work documents have been adopted or that they recognize Nicolás Maduro as the only president of Venezuela.

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