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S/ 210 bonus for private sector workers: who can collect today, March 17?

S/ 210 bonus for private sector workers: who can collect today, March 17?

The reported that only until the 31st of this month will the Bonus S / 210 be paid to formal workers in the private sector. Here we tell you who gets it on this date.

The first disbursement began on Friday, January 21 for a group of 902,083 formal workers from the private sector, who have savings accounts at BBVA.

Compensation was then paid to workers with bank accounts in the financial entities Scotiabank, Banco Interamericano de Finanzas (BanBif), which have already completed their deposit dates. Those that are still in force are those of Interbank and BCP.

SIGHT: Bonus 210: Workers have until March 31 to collect subsidy of 210 soles

However, EsSalud announced that the payment of the extraordinary bonus of S/ 210 has already begun through the Banco de la Nación to formal workers in the private sector who have not received the deposit to date, which includes those who have accounts in private banking was not made effective.

The compensation provided by Emergency Decree No. 105-2021 may be collected at the window at any agency of the state entity, on the date established in the consultation portal .

Interbank Schedule

The payment method for those who have bank accounts at Interbank is according to the following schedule:

Bonus payment schedule S/. 210. | Photo: EsSalud

What is the BCP schedule?

The bank pointed out that on this occasion a schedule with dates has not been established, because it is a single group.

To whom will the S/ 210 Bonus be paid?

In the case of the private sector, this monetary support will be delivered only to personnel who meet the following requirements:

  • Work and be registered with your National Identity Document (DNI) in the company’s electronic form during the months of July, August or September 2021.
  • Receive a gross monthly salary of no more than S/ 2,000.

Excluded from this benefit are the regimen of labor training modalities or pensioner regimens.

How do I know if I am a beneficiary?

To find out if you are a beneficiary of the extraordinary bonus of S/ 210, you must enter this link: and place the number of your National Identity Document (DNI), as well as its verifying digit.

Private sector workers will receive this bonus until March 31, 2022.

EsSalud recalled that it is not necessary to carry out any procedure, request or management to obtain the compensation, for which it urges the population not to be surprised by false pages or processors that offer to grant the aforementioned bonus.


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