Russian invasion: Mayor of Tarija says that war is the greatest misery of humanity

Russian invasion: Mayor of Tarija says that war is the greatest misery of humanity

The mayor of the city of Tarija, Johnny Torres, questioned the Russian government for resorting to war to overcome a difference with Ukraine because it is one of the “most miserable forms that humanity has”.

In addition, he agreed with other political leaders of the country in the sense that the Bolivian representative should have voted in the UN against the war, since Bolivia is a pacifist state, as established in article 10 of the Political Constitution of the State (CPE).

“War is the greatest misery of human beings and much more in the fact that Russia is bombing places in Ukraine, where there is a civilian population that is innocent and they are not soldiers or military personnelr”, expressed Torres to EL DEBER.

The building authority urged President Vladimir Putin to show the world his ability to seek dialogue to overcome a difference because he is completely wrong about the invasion of Ukrainian territory.

In his opinion, he is playing with fire and walking on the brink of a third world war.

Torres asked the government authorities to have clearer criteria when they participate in international bodies, such as the case of the UN General Assembly. “Article 10 of the CPE clearly says that our country is pacifist and does not support war. We must vote against the war, here it is not about being for or against Russia, since the Russian people are just as victimized as the Ukrainian people,” he said.

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