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November 1, 2021
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Russia with more than 40 thousand cases of Covid-19 for the third day

Russia with more than 40 thousand cases of Covid-19 for the third day

With that amount, the Eurasian nation reached eight million 554 192 positives, an increase of 0.47 percent compared to the previous day, according to the national staff for confronting the pandemic.

The highest records were detected in this capital (7,103), followed by Saint Petersburg (3,250), the Moscow region (2,866), Samara (1,504), Nizhny Novgorod (802) and that of Voronezh (798). The report also revealed that 1,155 patients lost their lives during the last day for the same cause, a total that rose to 239,693, for a mortality rate of 2.8 percent.

At this time, 932 thousand 77 people are still under medical treatment in Russia. This Sunday, 23 thousand 187 patients were recovered, an amount that amounts to seven million 381 thousand 726, 86.3 percent of those infected.

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