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Russia will send fire-fighting equipment for airports to Cuba

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MIAMI, United States. — Russia will send firefighting equipment for airports to Cuba, as announced by the Ministry of Emergencies of that country to the news agency Sputnik.

The report indicates that the new equipment will serve to modernize the Russian-Cuban training center for firefighters and rescuers, located in Havana.

“The Russian Government made a favorable decision to help Cuba with the modernization of the center. The new project includes vehicles to put out fires with foam, airport fire-fighting equipment, tank trucks, as well as a wide list of specialized equipment,” said the information, which reproduces statements by the Russian Emergencies Minister, Alexandr Kurenkov.

The note indicates that the new equipment will arrive in Cuba this year.

Kurenkov indicated that in 2024 the Russian-Cuban training center for firefighters and rescuers “will celebrate its tenth anniversary, so its equipment with new modern techniques will be timely and will increase the practical response capacity of the center in emergency situations.”

The Russian Ministry of Emergencies highlighted the work of the aforementioned body, which in nine years has trained experts from 17 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Sputnik recalled that the center’s technical equipment was used to extinguish a fire that occurred in August 2022 in the Matanzas Supertanker Base and stressed that the Cuban firefighters “managed to extinguish the fire thanks to the training” of Russia.

The alliance between the Russian and Cuban regimes has been strengthened after the invasion of Ukraine, which caused the isolation of Moscow at the international level. In this context, Putin has been forced to strengthen his ties with geopolitical allies, such as Havana and Caracas.

In recent months, Russia has increased its investments in the Caribbean island. In exchange, the Cuban regime has refrained from condemning the invasion of Ukraine and has offered Moscow facilities for the landing of Russian tourists and businessmen in the country.

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