Russia reports 36,970 new cases of Covid-19

Russia reported 36,970 cases of Covid-19 today, the minimum since October 27, a sum that amounts to 9,331,158, an increase of 0.4 percent over the previous day.

The highest figures were registered in Moscow (3,438), Saint Petersburg (2,496), in the Moscow region (1,909), in Samara (1,661), in Krasnodar (989) and in the Republic of Crimea (884).

A total of 1,252 people died in the last 24 hours due to the pandemic in the Eurasian nation, a sum that amounts to 264 thousand 95, which represents a mortality rate of 2.83 percent, according to the report.

At this time, one million 42 thousand 133 people receive medical care in Russia. This Saturday 32 thousand 504 patients were discharged, a number that reaches eight million 24 thousand 030, 86 percent of those infected.

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