Russia highlights at the UN the restoration of Bogota-Caracas relations

Russia highlights at the UN the restoration of Bogota-Caracas relations

Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Vasili Nebenzia, highlighted the restoration of relations between Bogota and Caracas on Wednesday at the UN Security Council.

In this sense, the Russian diplomat expressed the importance that Colombian-Venezuelan relations have for the sustainable economic and social development of the region, reports RT.

“We welcome the restoration of ties between neighboring States, consolidated by the recent Petro’s visit to CaracasNebenzia commented.

“History has shown the futility and fallacy of the myopic attempts of the previous Colombian authorities to isolate and turn their backs on the brotherly people,” he added.

Likewise, he emphasized that the normalization of relations between Venezuela and Colombia will contribute to resolving the migratory situation in the region and “combating transnational organized crime and drug trafficking.”

Peace in Colombia

At the Security Council session, the most recent report on the implementation of the Peace Agreement in Colombia was discussed, which includes what happened in the last 3 months of 2022.

In this regard, Nebenzia applauded the efforts of Colombian President Gustavo Petro to execute in his country the peace and reconciliation agreement.

“We welcome the firm commitment of President Petro’s administration to the comprehensive implementation of the Peace Agreement. The new Colombian authorities have done more for reconciliation in 6 months than the previous government in 4 years,” said the Russian diplomat.

“The steps taken by Bogotá towards peace” with the armed groups “deserve international support and encouragement,” said the Russian diplomat.

Likewise, he pointed out that in order to achieve peace in Colombia, an agreement between the Government and the National Liberation Army (ELN) is necessary.

For this reason, he said that “if Bogotá requests the support of the Council, we are willing to consider various options for the international accompaniment of the eventual agreement.”

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