Ruralists gather today in Plaza de Mayo with opposition support

Ruralists gather today in Plaza de Mayo with opposition support

Ruralists from different parts of the country gather this Saturday in the Plaza de Mayo.

Ruralists from different parts of the country will be concentrated this Saturday in the May Plaza with the support of a sector of the opposition, a mobilization that was described by the national government as a “political march” without “clear slogans”.

the so-called ‘tractor hit’ is summoned for 15 through social networks with the label #23A, which was also joined by leaders of Together for Change (JxC) with political slogans “in defense of the Republic and independent Justice.”

Organizations like Country+City and others from the interior promote this protest, although the entities that make up the Liaison Table decided not to participate in the call.

According to the organizers, the demonstrators -with their tractors- will gather from 10:30 am at three meeting points: Route 9 and 193; Route 8 and 195; and Route 7 and Route 5. As authorized by the Buenos Aires Government, they will be able to converge at the Obelisk and from there march towards the Plaza de Mayo.

In this regard, the spokesperson for the Presidency, Gabriela Cerutiaffirmed this Friday in a press conference that “It is a political march and it has to do with other interests than defending the legitimate rights of the countryside, which is a fundamental sector for the growth of Argentina”.

“We do not understand the march, it is not very clear, almost with political slogans. If it is against the increase in withholdings, which does not exist, it is not very clear what they are marching for“Cerruti insisted at the weekly press conference.

The security of the mobilization was also another of the issues analyzed by the national government: the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, gave a press conference at the Government House in which he reported that he had communicated with his peer from the city, Marcelo D’Alessandro, who confirmed that the Buenos Aires authorities authorized the entry of tractors into the city of Buenos Aires.

The march has generated various crosses in social networks: the left-wing leaders Néstor Pitrola and Alejandro Bodart and the Buenos Aires legislator of the Front of All (FdT), Ofelia Fernández, targeted the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta for his position regarding of social protests.

“Che Larreta, if for you when a social movement marches you have to get the plans out of them, when the field marches do you have to raise the withholdings? Or are there good marches with tractors and bad marches with the poor?” Ofelia Fernández asked in her account from Twitter:

Ironically, Pitrola published: “We are waiting for the anti-piquetero brigade against the tractor attack in the field. They will surely come out with everything in the face of the horror of the tractors on July 9,” while Bodart pointed out: “We already know the macrismo and its double Now, will the antipicket movement say something? Take off your mask: only the picket of those who fight against hunger bothers you”.

On the other hand, representatives of JxC presented a judicial proposal to “guarantee” that the tractors that will be mobilized to Plaza de Mayo, can circulate freely.

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